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Consulting Services in SAP R/3 An innovative, custom solution that optimizes your business processes according to current needs
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Business Intelligence Services Consulting Services in Business Intelligence (BI)
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Information Technology Innovation Through the strategic use of technology, IT Innovation meets your needs and helps you achieve overall business goals.
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meet BIC Mobile BIC Mobile lets you manipulate the data of any SAP module in a custom way at an affordable cost and in a user-friendly environment.
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BIC Consulting USA

We are a company focused in providing comprehensive solutions for business process consulting, IT and education.

Latest Information

  • Technology Business Accelerator
    The TechBA Program (Technology Business Accelerator) TechBA is an organization for business development that collaborates with Mexican Startups and well-positioned companies with international business strategies.

Built with Gantry

Somaxiom is powered by the Gantry Framework, which lay at the heart of the theme offering great versatility, flexibility and simple easy of use, such as the intuitive administrative interface.

It uses the 960 Grid System for its modular setup, allowing for up to 6 widgets per position row with fixed dimensions so cross-browser precision. Amongst many other features.

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RokTab Image RokAjaxSearch – Ajax based search widget
An ajax powered search widget, allowing for interactive search of both your local WordPress site, as well as the web at large with its Google integration, e.g. Google Web/Image/Video… support.

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a RokTab Image RokTabs – Rotating tabbed content widget
A tabbed content widget, perfect for maximising content exposure without sacrificing on site real estate. Powered by Mootools which facilitates all the inbuilt script effects such as animations, transitions and auto-rotation.

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RokTab Image For Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi or others
RTL (Right-to-Left) support from Gantry in its grid system – widget position allocation and size, as well as RTL support in the Fusion menu, in conjunction with the theme elements itself such as the breadcrumbs, content typography and widget styling, amongst others.

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Browser dependent restrictions
The theme has restricted support for the Internet Explorer 6 browser, inclusive of, but not limited to the following areas: RTL (Right-to-Left) is non-functional, and will automatically degrade back to LTR (Left-to-Right); the forcing of the low background/body level were applicable; and the Fusion menu is automatically degraded to the Suckerfish CSS dropdown system; amongst other limitations.

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