ABAP Consulting

ABAP Consulting

“When cost reduction and high quality solutions are needed, BIC Consulting ABAP is the answer”

BIC Consulting has a proactive group of ABAP certified consultants that meet the requirements of our clients regarding information processing. Thanks to the expertise of our consultants, it is possible to assess and orientate our clients in order to select the best solution, thus avoiding unnecessary or too complex developments. We offer specialized certified consultants, immediate response to changing demands and high quality coding, testing as well as fast delivery of solutions.

What we have:                                                             

  • Specialized certified consultants                                        
  • Immediate response to changing demands                         
  • High quality coding, testing as well as fast delivery of solutions

 What you get:

  •  Functional based ABAP solutions
  • Technical based ABAP solutions
  • ABAP programming, either on site or on line, acording to your needs

BIC Consulting ABAP offers the following solutions:

ABAP developments:

  • Reports – Preparation of reports that are not available in the standard of SAP, required by end users
  • Enhancements – In accordance to our clients needs
  • User Exits – Relevant data captured in transactions and at the master level
  • Field’s Changes of ABAP objects
  • Database Objects – Creation of user defined fields and tables to facilitate reporting and processes

Loading of master & transaction data – Enabling of massive loads using the following tools: 

  • LSMW
  • BAPI
  • BADI

Output control: 

  • Layout and screen design using smart forms and SAP script
  • Conversion of forms to PDF
  • Email
  • Error analysis in case of dumps or program errors
  • Tuning of performance – Efficiency improvement of existing programs / objects
  • User support with database dumps for analysis purposes
  • Coordination with functional consultants
  • Coordination with end users
  • Support any new module implementation
  • Provide periodical reports to project management

Connectivity and Integration with other technologies such as:

  • JAVA: We have solid and reliable developments using strengths offered by this language for web environments and mobile devices.
  • NET: Using this tool we can communicate developments createded within the SAP environment, so that, in this way, seize what has become a success story.
  • Web Dynpros Apps: runs on different clients e.g. web browser, mobile device, widget engine, combining the integration with business process management and business rules management.
  • Web Services: providing inter-operability between various software applications that run on different platforms.