Consulting Services

We provide our customers the data they want exactly when they need it. BIC Consulting offers products and services developed after a need for professional, affordable and reliable SAP technology consultancy, as well as the need for mobile access to key information provided by SAP modules. Assisted by the advice of our consultants and their implementations, our customers can increase their operative efficiency a minimum of 10%. Likewise, they have been able to make more practical and timely decisions which result in a significant cost reduction and a remarkable increase in their income.

BIC Consulting service portfolio includes:


Consulting Services in SAP R/3

“An innovative, custom solution that optimizes your business processes according to your current needs”


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Consulting Services in Business Intelligence (BI)

“Companies gain efficiency speed, predictability and better data quality with fewer errors”

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Consulting Services in ABAP

“When cost reduction and high quality solutions are needed, BIC Consulting ABAP is the answer”


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Consulting Services in Java

“We add value to your business by offering professional, affordable and reliable Java solutions.”


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Consulting Services in PHP

“We specialize in web development with PHP technology, we implemented and costomized Joomla and WordPress CMSs for a fast and efficient build of sites.”


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