Technology Business Accelerator

The TechBA Program (Technology Business Accelerator)

TechBA is an organization for business development that collaborates with Mexican Startups and well-positioned companies with international business strategies. TechBA counts with a broad multinational network of companies, consultants and organizations. They have 6 locations (4 in the USA, 1 in Canada and 1 in Spain), where companies seek to expand their business and explore new opportunities.

TechBA Austin.


Austin is currently one of the top 5 US cities in terms of economic growth rate. The detonator of this development has been the emergence and consolidation of clusters in areas like Semiconductors, Software, Computers and Peripherals. Currently, new clusters are being developed in other sectors, e.g. Biosciences, Nanotechnology, Digital Entertainment (Multimedia, Films and Music), Sustainable Energy and Wireless Technology.

In December 2005, TechBA Austin began its operations with, as its main partner, IC2 (Innovation, Creativity and Capital), who has been successful in taking innovative technologies to the market, supporting more than 150 entrepreneurial teams and helping them raise more than 725 million USD in venture capital. A team of business development experts from IC2 is assigned to work in coordination with TechBA’s management team, in order to support the Mexican companies in the acceleration process.

Gazelle Companies

A Gazelle Company must have one of the following characteristics:

  • More than three years of operation.
  • In one of the last three years of operation, it should have generated more than 15% growth in sales.
  • Having more than 50 employees



That is the reason why BIC Consulting is one of the selected companies looking for this acceleration process. We want to share our value proposition in the context of international markets.